Technology is being developed on a regular basis. Today, everything is powered by electricity and even bicycles fall under that category. Electric bicycles or e-bikes have been available for a while now. Battery technology has evolved and today’s e-bikes can go even further than they used to.

But, what kind of range can you expect? Can you go really far and not pedal at all? The answer is more complex and requires us to look at some key factors.

The Overall Weight Put on the Bicycle

If the bicycle is overloaded, the motor will have to work more to power it and therefore, the battery will not last as long.

On the other hand, a light cyclist can travel long distances even with the motor engaged.

Weight will be one of the key factors in determining the overall range an e-bike can travel.

The Weather – Wind and Cold Do not Help

If the weather is poor, even regular cyclists struggle. With lots of wind, it is very difficult to pedal in those conditions. But if it is raining, then things get tougher. You get even more resistance and the tires struggle finding the grip. But if it is cold, then the muscles take more time to warm up.

All of these things affect e-bikes as well, particularly the cold and increased resistance. Batteries run worse in the cold and hold less of their charge. The resistance will make the motor work more and waste more power.

How Big is the Battery?

This is one of the upgrades that can extend the range of an e-bike. A better battery will obviously hold more power and help you travel longer.

Batteries for bicycles range from 13 Ah to 19 Ah, and some bicycles can hold two of them, essentially giving you around 38 Ah, max. With large batteries, you can go as far as 320 kilometers, depending on the conditions and whether you actually provide your own energy by pedalling.

Your Own Effort – It Counts

The more you pedal, the longer the battery will last. Yes, e-bikes are motorized and the motor should be used, but if you are in any way fit, you can pedal for most of the time. Using the electronic part of the bicycle sparingly will dramatically increase range. You can use the e-bike when you need some power to help you go uphill.

Depending on a lot of factors, e-bikes can take you anywhere between 20 and 320 kilometers.