Cyclists often tend to focus on the best gear that they can purchase, even if they do not need it. This is the major point which many a hobbyist misses. Professional-grade gear is often wasted on an amateur cyclist, definitely in terms of value. Though, if one is an active rider and has hundreds of kilometers weekly, then the better the gear, the less one will have to maintain it.

Beginners, on the other hand, do not need to bother themselves with very expensive gear and they can focus on the value. Here is what every beginner cyclist should consider as their necessary gear.

Helmets – They Save Lives

Spending more money on a good cycling helmet is a great way to purchase insurance, but the kind that makes sure that you live. There is a cycling subreddit where cyclists share stories of what could have happened if they had not worn helmets. The helmets are often split in two or completely flat. 

Beginners should have a helmet, but that also goes for the intermediate and definitely advanced cyclists.

Keep in mind that the helmet is moreso to protect you from traffic rather than your own mistakes, unless you are a downhill cyclist. In that case, a full-face helmet is mandatory.

Water Bottles – Staying Hydrated Is Necessary

A cyclist or anybody else who fails to stay hydrated may collapse at any point. During hot summer days, you have surely seen people fall, pale as the moon, because they had not hydrated properly. 

Water bottles are cheap and you can mount them to your frame with a bottle cage. If you are going on longer rides, then you should mount two bottle cages and take two larger bottles with you. Remember, warm water is better than no water.

Bike Lights – Staying Visible and Safe

Bike lights serve two purposes, depending on the luminosity of the light. The first purpose is the more important one in traffic, where one will spend most of their time unless they are a night-time mountain bike rider. That purpose is being visible to other people in traffic. Red lights go on the back and white in the front. This way, every driver will know that you are in their lane.

The second purpose is visibility in dark places, like off road trails or poorly lit streets. Potholes can be as dangerous as traffic, not to mention sewer drains. Lights are essential for every cyclist.

A cyclist should have all of the gear above, and even more if they plan on longer trips. But for absolute beginners, this is the gear that one must purchase and have with them at all times. Safety should be a priority and everything else comes afterwards.