When a global pandemic hits us, we are all taken by surprise, though we really shouldn’t have been. Yet, things happened and the world almost stopped, or rather, anything non-essential was not working. That meant fitness centers, cafes, shopping malls and anything to do with leisure.

Once the pandemic loosened and the number of infected dropped globally, things started getting back to normal. Albeit, the new normal is social distancing and wearing a mask. How does that work in a gym? If you want to work out indoors, can you be safe? Here are some tips on how you can stay safe in a gym during these viral times.

Avoid Peak Hours – Rise and Shine

Nobody exercises in the morning, or rather, very few people do. People often exercise around noon or after five, mostly because they get off work at that time. People also like exercising when they feel the most comfortable and plenty have issues waking up and going to a workout immediately. 

You can make use of that if your gym opens up early. Go there at first light and do your workout without fear of catching anything. You will also have most of the gym to yourself, so waiting turns will not be a problem.

Be Mindful of High-Intensity Workouts

These are dangerous in viral times. When people workout with lots of intensity, they tend to breathe harder. This adds to the possible spread of the virus, because some particles might escape the masks. This can be an issue if there are hard working gym members next to you. You should also avoid high intensity exercises if you are working out indoors. Have that in mind and you will keep yourself and others safer.

Choose a Good Gym

Good gyms should always be a priority but in this case, a good gym might be the one with fewest machines and weights, but with very strict rules regarding protection and masks. That kind of gym is the one you want, where safety and hygiene are the top priorities.

Gyms which are lax with their security and which overlook people not wearing masks should be avoided like the plague, or covid, in this case.

Wipe Frequently Used Places and Weights

If you do end up in a gym during peak hour, you should wipe the places and weights that others use after or before you. If you are trading places with somebody, like a bench press or a couple of weights and machines, you should be mindful and wipe everything so that everybody is safer. Talk with fellow gym members and see if they agree to it. You do not want things to escalate because somebody has to wait a few more seconds for the weights to dry.

Ventilation is Key – Open Windows and Fresh Air

Find a gym that has good ventilation. Recycled air obviously leads to a higher risk of infection, because there is no fresh air (assuming that the fresh air is better, which it is 99% of the time). Open windows or a good ventilation system will help with everybody in the gym feeling better. Winter time might get chilly with open windows, but that is better than stale, possibly infected air.

Stay safe, distance yourself from others and wear a mask. Workouts can be done in gyms, especially in the morning.