It is always difficult being a beginner, unless you are someone who likes new challenges and does not shy away from new things. For most beginners, however, it is very daunting to start anything new, from a new job to a new way of working out.

Sports can take a toll on us if we are not careful. Beginners are often the most dangerous for themselves, if they skip out on some key rules to physical workout, particularly those that concern sports. Not all sports are meant for beginners, so here are some to consider if you are just starting off.

Running – As Easy as it Gets, With Some Caveats

Running is a very easy sport to start, you need running shoes and somewhere to run, right? Well, not exactly. You can start running everywhere and in almost any pair of shoes, but that does not mean that you will do it in a way that is healthy for you.

Firstly, you should consider your weight and whether you had any injuries. Running puts stress on the ankles and knees, so have that in mind before you go running off. If you can find a professional runner or at least, someone who has plenty of kilometers of experience, they can teach you the proper form, the one which is the most economical. You can also look up tutorials online.

Cycling – It is Great for Starters

Cycling is a great sport if one actually uses their pedals to cycle and not just to move around as fast as some people are walking. Cycling removes stress from the knees and ankles and moves it to the glutes. Consider a good saddle if you are a starter because saddle soreness can be an issue. Padded cycling pants are also helpful in this regard.

Cycling can be done with friends, alone, and you can also travel the world around you. This can help eliminate the repetitiveness of exercising.

Football/Soccer – Everybody Can Do It

The beauty of this sport is that everybody can play it. You need shoes and a ball and perhaps two goals. This sport is great for those who want to start their fitness journey.

It should be played with friends, of course, and make sure that they are not far too competitive. You want your first matches to be slow, so that your body can adapt without being subjected to possible injuries (whether by exercising too much or through bad tackles).

Swimming – Laps or Lakes?

Open water swimming is dangerous for beginners if they are not good swimmers. Going to a swimming pool and doing ten laps for starters, will give you a full body workout. Once you get a hang of it, you can increase the number of laps, to match your rising level of fitness.

If you have any friends who are great swimmers, water polo is a sport to consider as a more advanced version of swimming. It will burn more calories.

These are the best beginner-friendly sports to consider as the start of your fitness journey.