Weight loss or gain requires us to do some things right. For example, we need a caloric surplus or deficit in order to do one or the other. If we have more calories than we can handle, then we gain weight, if we have fewer calories than we need, then we lose weight. It is relatively simple, because it follows the laws of thermodynamics. Macronutrients play a vital role in the weight gain and loss process, but calories are still very important.

Keeping track of how many calories we took and burned throughout the day is the first step to scientifically approaching weight gain or loss. Why not use applications for it? Here are the best calorie counting applications.


Fitbit works best with the Fitbit tracker, a sensor which tracks your pulse, heart rate and activities in general, as in how many kilometers you walked that day (steps are silly, aren’t they?). The Fitbit app can sync with the tracker, and keep you updated on all the information regarding your body that the sensors can transmit and detect.

The application’s other use case is barcode scanning, so that you can immediately know how many calories a product has.

You can also insert the food type and dose manually. The app keeps count and you can set your daily dose or limit or goal, if you want the app to remind you if you went overboard.

Lose It!

The application’s name refers to weight loss, of course. It is a witty name but their track record is over 80 million pounds, according to their statistics, of course. While first party sources should be taken with a pinch of salt, the app itself does a lot of things right.

The application has manual input and barcode scanning, but you can also take a photo of the food you purchased and you will be offered a selection of the closest foods that match it. The app can sync with other trackers and sensors, which is helpful in gathering all the data regarding your exercises and weight loss. Lose It has a great track record so you should consider giving them a try.


This application and service has been around for a while. They work well with plenty of trackers and they have a variety of options regarding scanning products and calculating calories. The application is also a great scheduler and planner for meals and calories during the day. You can be flexible with your meals, sleep schedule and calories.

They also have a huge list of ingredients and meals taken from restaurants and fast food places all over the world, meaning that you can keep count of your unhealthier meals, as well.

Keto Carb Manager

Keto diets are very popular and this application will help you keep track of how many carbs you ate during the day. Carbs are the most important ingredient in a keto diet and therefore, it is no wonder that there is a single application dedicated to just carbs. The app has more features, but a carb calculator is one of them. If you like being in ketosis, this is the right application for you.

Counting calories does not have to be a chore if you set up your meals in advance and scan your food using any of these apps. Weight management is easier with technology.