Cycling is a sport that many people enjoy. Some do it for the practicality, in other words, commuting, while others love it because it helps them exercise and see the world. However, not every bicycle is for everybody. There are several types of bicycles and one should always know which to choose for themselves.

If you have no clue which bicycle is the right one for you, then read the following guide and the choice will become easier.

Road Bikes – Speed and Workouts

Road bikes are for those who prefer going fast and having a great workout.

They are light, with small wheels and tyres, putting riders in aerodynamic positions, parallel to the road, to have the least wind resistance.

They are best for speed, workouts and are recommended if the roads are free of potholes. Even drains next to the pavements can cause problems for road bikes, not to mention railroad tracks.

Mountain Bikes – Cross Country and Downhill

Mountain bikes have larger tires with knobs to be used on soft surfaces like dirt, grass and generally off-road. Mountain bikes often have both front and rear suspension, used to safeguard your body from impacts during elevation changes (jumps and drops and bumpy rides).

They are best bought if you are planning on riding off-road and are wasted on asphalt. The tires will just wear out faster on asphalt and you will generally go slower. The bikes are heavier, due to a thicker frame and the suspensions and the larger and heavier tires.

City/Trekking Bicycles – For the Commuters and City Riders

In the city, the two above mentioned categories might be wasted potential. City bikes have you sitting in an upward position and are packed with bags and carriers to help you transport your groceries or anything else. They are often comfortable and have fewer features for speed.Trekking bikes are optimized for longer distances and are similar to city bikes, but better in almost all ways. Their frames are sturdier and they can be used for traveling hundreds of kilometers in one go.

Electric Bikes – A Helping Hand

Electric bikes are best used in the city. Delivery people and commuters love these. They are also bought by the elderly who simply cannot go uphill anymore, without aid. Electric bicycles offer you a compromise between using your own power and being assisted by the bicycle. While they can be fully electric, where you do not have to pedal at all, hybrid versions are more common. In the latter case, the bicycle can be engaged to help you when you lack power, for example, going uphill in a city after a long day’s work.

Depending on your need, these are the bicycles to consider getting, simplified into 4 categories.