Staying in shape even during hard times is challenging enough, but when there is a global pandemic, we tend to turn to some other forms of coping, such as entertainment, video games, staying indoors and generally, going out of shape.

There are plenty of sports which can help you stay in shape, but not all of them are suitable for beginners or people who are unfamiliar with sports in general. With that in mind, swimming and jogging are often mentioned as two of the best sports to start your fitness journey with. But, which one is better? That depends on a couple of factors and here are the pros and cons of both.

Swimming Is Relaxing and Hard at the Same Time

Swimming is one of the best ways to exercise if you are overweight or have issues with your joints, particularly the knees and ankles.

Swimming, by nature of gravity and water, takes away a lot of our weight, allowing us to do amazing exercises without putting stress on the joints. You will feel tired after a good swim, but you will also need to know how to swim and apply all of that effort continuously, which can be a challenge for beginners, or for people who cannot swim.

Jogging – A Pair of Shoes and Good Will

Jogging does not take much, you need a pair of shoes and plenty of good will to do it. You can simply go outside in almost any weather, though rain can be a nuisance, as well as extreme heat, and jog.

The nature of jogging is easier than other forms of running, because jogging implies a slower pace, something faster than walking, but not fast enough so that you get tired immediately. Jogging is great, but it has a few flaws. It takes a long time to burn calories and it has a larger impact on the joints. Either of the two can be a large minus in busy or heavy people’s books.

Swimming Can Tire You Out Quickly

Swimming is great because you can swim for an hour and literally destroy your body, but you could also do it in 15 minutes, by sprinting. Swimming as fast as you can is a pretty good way of burning calories quickly. Since the pressure is not the same as in jogging, swimming can reduce your workout time to under an hour if you work hard enough. 

That being said, one needs a good swimming pool and a good technique to make the best out of a swimming pool. Things can get out of hand if one is not a good swimmer. 

Jogging Makes You Go the Distance

Jogging is good for staying in shape, but not just the physical kind. The attitude is important and when you are challenged every time to go the distance, you get used to it, you learn to be in the moment. The goal is no longer important, but that next step. With this attitude, going through life is much less painful and you are guaranteed to get there, eventually.

Depending on what you prefer, either swimming or jogging can be good for staying in shape. If you are a good swimmer, then by all means, go swimming. It is recommended to do both, and anything else that you enjoy, for there are so many ways to stay in shape.