Join us this Saturday for our Holiday Bike Ride!

Join us to spread some holiday cheer on two wheels!

Meet up: 9:30 AM
Roll out: 10:00 AM

Where: Veteran’s Memorial Park, 4117 Overland Avenue (at the picnic tables on Culver Blvd)

The Culver City Bicycle Coalition is hosting a group ride on Saturday, December 5th in conjunction with the Culver City Fire Department’s Spark of Love Toy Drive. Bring a bike in good working condition, a helmet (required for those under 18), water, a snack, and a new, unwrapped toy you can easily bike with. A toy donation is not required to participate in this ride.

We’ll start at Veteran’s Park and do a leisurely 6-mile route around Culver City, stopping at the fire station on Culver Boulevard to donate our goods and ending near Main Street for a photo op with Culver City’s newly-lit Christmas tree.

To preview the route, check out the screenshot below, or click here.

More about the Spark of Love Toy Drive:
Firefighters across Southern California are celebrating the 23rd year of the Spark of Love Toy Drive this year. Over the past two decades, the Spark of Love Toy Drive has successfully collected more than 9 million toys. The campaign collects new, unwrapped toys and sports equipment for underserved children and teens in Los Angeles County.

We hope to see some of you there! RSVP on Facebook here.

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CCBC Steering Committee Minutes, 11/10

CCBC Minutes
Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Attendees: Jim Shanman, Wayne Howard, Eric Bruins, Craig Tabita, David Fuer, Eric Weinstein, Julie Mendel

Next meeting: Tuesday, December 8, 2015, 6:30-8pm, Location TBD.

1. Advocacy Opportunity: Community Development Block Grant Public Meeting, 11/12. Wayne suggested we consider sending a representative to a public meeting on Nov 12 to discuss potential uses for 2016/2017 Community Development Block Grant funds. After some discussion, members present agreed that it is likely these funds — which come from the Department of Housing and Urban Development — have already been allocated to projects in Culver City. However, we also agreed that attending the meeting and introducing ourselves is a good first step in building stronger relationships with the City. The meeting is Thursday, November 12 at 6pm at City Hall, and Wayne plans to attend.

2. Name Change. Wayne suggested we consider changing our name from Culver City Bicycle Coalition to Bike Culver City to more coherently brand ourselves. After a lively discussion, members present agreed that any rebranding efforts should only come after and as a result of larger, more inclusive conversations about our mission and priorities as a coalition. We hope to tackle some of these larger issues at our next meeting, so please stay in touch via email ( or attend our next meeting on December 8 to join the conversation.

3. Outreach Opportunities.

Culver City Farmer’s Market. Culver City reserves a table at the Tuesday Farmer’s Market for nonprofit outreach. Julie has reached out to the coordinator and will keep the group posted on how we can reserve a date and what dates are available. Once we hear back about a date, we’ll discuss how to staff and what fun things we might want to offer (i.e., basic bike tune-up services). The Farmer’s Market is every Tuesday from 2pm to 7pm on Main Street, between Culver Blvd and Venice.

– Operation Firefly. Members present agreed to investigate getting an Operation Firefly distribution together. The key is to find a sponsor for the distribution who can contribute $1,000. Jim suggested reaching out to the Culver City Downtown Business Association as a potential sponsor. Wayne will reach out to the association to gauge their interest.

– KPFK Bike Talk radio show. LACBC and KPFK’s Bike Talk show invite chapters once a month to prerecord a conversation about any relevant topics we choose. To check out previous episodes of Bike Talk, see their page here — and let us know if you have any ideas for a show.

– Untapped areas of Culver City. Inspired by conversations about equity at the Cal Bike Summit, Wayne proposed we consider more intentionally reaching out to areas that have not traditionally participated in CCBC activities, like the Fox Hills area of Culver City. Members present agreed to explore how we can better serve this community further, potentially by sending a representative to the Fox Hills Neighborhood Association.

4. Upcoming Events.

– Potential December events. Members present discussed organizing a bike valet at Culver City’s Annual Tree Lighting Event on Thursday, December 3rd and/or a group ride/toy drive partnership in Culver City in mid-December. If you’re interested in helping plan one of these events, email us at Volunteers always welcome.

– CCBC Holiday Potluck. Wayne and Julie would also like to plan a coalition potluck to celebrate the holiday season and are tentatively planning on something after our next meeting on Tuesday, December 8. Email us at if you have (location or other) ideas.

– Expo Phase II opening (Spring/Summer 2016). Wayne suggested partnering with SM Spoke and organizing some kind of event or group ride around the much-anticipated opening of Expo Phase II. Eric W. suggested creating wayfinding signs for the bike path, as not all sections of the path will be completed by the Phase II launch. Though the launch is a few months away, we’d like to start planning soon, so email us if you’re interested in helping out.

– Other Events:

Saturday, November 28: Make It Mar Vista Ride & Small Business Event, 10am-2pm, Mar Vista (Venice & Beethoven). To volunteer with LACBC (set-up, tabling, and breakdown), sign up here.

Our next meeting (and holiday potluck!) is Tuesday, December 8, from 6:30-8pm. Wayne will circulate a location and agenda closer to the meeting. A happy Thanksgiving to all!

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CCBC Steering Committee Minutes, 10/13

CCBC Minutes
Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Attendees: Steve Herbert, Alex Fisch, Marke Mallare, Wayne Howard, Eric Bruins, Julie Mendel, Eric Weinstein, Craig Tabita

Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 10, 6:30-8pm. Location TBC.

  1. Advocacy Opportunity: Ballona Creek Trail Connections. Earlier this month, the City of Culver City reached out to us asking to support their application to the Baldwin Hills Conservancy for grant funds to complete the Park to Playa Ballona Creek Connection Project. The project will connect the Baldwin Hills Overlook and Ballona Creek Bike Path by linking existing trails in Culver City Park and creating a bike thoroughfare that runs north from the Duquesne Ave entrance to Culver City Park to the Duquesne Ave entrance to the Ballona Creek Bike Path. Members present at the meeting approved submitting a support letter, which Wayne submitted on Oct 21. The Baldwin Hills Conservancy will be meeting on Friday, October 23 and will consider Culver City’s application; Wayne plans to attend in support. To read the letter we submitted, click here.
  1. Culver City Homeless Count. Member Alex Fisch suggested that we work with one of the committees conducting the Culver City Homeless Count to coordinate one active transportation group (bikes). The count is typically conducted by car; biking would enable a group to more accurately count in locations that are difficult to see from the street, not to mention promote active transportation to those involved in the Homeless Count. Members present voted to explore a partnership with the Homeless Count Committee.

Action Item: Alex to bring up idea with Homeless Count Committee.

  1. California Bike Summit. The California Bike Summit is in San Diego from October 25-28. Wayne would like to attend on behalf of CCBC. Members present approved using CCBC funds to cover Wayne’s discounted registration fee. Wayne, we look forward to your report of the summit!
  1. Outreach Opportunities.

– Culver City farmers market. Wayne suggested we coordinate a group to do outreach at the Culver City farmers market. The City reserves a table at the market for 501c3s for this kind of outreach and rotates the table among different nonprofits. Members present voted to explore how we can obtain permission to get into the rotation.

Action Item: Julie to reach out to farmers market to investigate table rotation.

– Culver City bike shops. Wayne also suggested we revisit building stronger relationships with bike shops in our area (Wheel World, Chubbies, Palms Cycle). Some of these bike shops are more open to supporting our coalition than others, but members present supported pursuing stronger relationships with all three.

  1. In-kind real estate. Wayne suggested we explore finding someone willing to donate in-kind real estate (i.e., a free 1-year lease on a space) that we could use to store coalition items and house regular meetings. Members present discussed several empty spaces that could work and approved exploring the idea further.
  1. Social media presence. We are now on Twitter and Instagram! Follow us on Twitter @bikeculvercity and on Instagram @bikeculvercity, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #bikeculvercity on your own social media accounts.
  1. WordPress updates. We discussed rehabbing our website ( Eric B suggested that bigger redesign questions should be coordinated with LACBC HQ, and that they are planning on taking up this very issue soon. In the meantime, Julie will work to keep the site updated with meeting minutes, events and announcements.
  1. Co-Chair/VP position. Member Mark Mallare expressed interest in the position, but all members present agreed to table discussion of an official co-chair position for now.
  1. Contact information. You can continue to reach us at If you’d like to contact Wayne, please use
  1. Standing meeting date. We discussed establishing a standing monthly meeting date and members present approved formalizing the second Tuesday of each month as our monthly meeting date. This is subject to change depending on Steering Committee availability but we largely plan on sticking to this schedule. Thus, our next meeting is Tuesday, November 10, from 6:30-8pm. Wayne will circulate a location and agenda closer to the meeting.

Finally, a hearty thanks to all those who organized and participated in our feeder ride to last Sunday’s Ciclavia! Photos are up on our Facebook page, and keep an eye out for future group rides. A happy and safe Halloween to all!

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CCBC Steering Committee Minutes, 9/29

CCBC Minutes
Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Attendees: Jim Shanman, Emily Hautamaki, Wayne Ridetime Howard, Patrick Murray, Craig Tabita, Julie Mendel, Eric Bruins, Eric Weinstein, Steve Herbert, Alex Fisch, Christina Batteate

Next meeting: Tuesday, October 13, 6:30-8:00pm. Location TBC.

1. We elected new officers! As Jim mentioned in his brief note last week, the coalition has taken a big step forward and elected officers. Join us in welcoming Wayne ‘Ridetime’ Howard as Chairman, Julie Mendel as Secretary, and Eric Weinstein as Treasurer. A Co-Chair/Vice President position is still open, so please join us at the next meeting if you’re interested in putting your name forward — or casting your vote!

Wayne, Julie, and Eric are copied on this email, so feel free to reach out to them or to our general email address at if you have any questions or comments.

2. Where are we on the Internet? As one of our officers’ first acts, we’ll be taking a closer look at our website ( and social media presence and evaluating how we can up our game. Stay tuned for more.

Action item: Wayne and Julie to work on a website restructuring proposal and social media strategy.

3. Bike Valet. Rolling off our success hosting the bike valet at August’s Ciclavia, we’re looking into building our bike valet-ing capacity and offering that service at more community events around Culver City. Led by Patrick — thanks, Patrick! — we’ve identified a lightweight, portable rack brand for purchase, the same racks LACBC uses for their bike valets. Purchasing our own racks would save us from having to borrow or rent equipment and lug it across town. Next up is figuring out a longer-term storage solution (operating hours are key here). We’ll be discussing storage options at our next meeting.

Action item: Jim to investigate using a Boy Scouts’ storage facility that the City also has access to.

4. Ride Marshals and planning for future group rides. Folks expressed an interest in hosting CCBC group rides, because a) they’re fun and b) they’re a great way to reach out to our neighbors and our community. As part of an earlier agreement with the Culver City Safe Routes to School Program, we’re also on the hook for assisting with planning and leading family/community rides.

One important foundation for a successful group ride program is making sure we’ve got people who are trained in safely and responsibly guiding group rides. At our next meeting, we’ll be discussing (and voting on) what the criteria should be for a CCBC group ride leader, be it LACBC’s Ride Marshal Training (which a few members of our coalition attended this past Saturday), C.I.C.L.E.’s equivalent training, the traffic skills and group riding workshops offered by the League of American Bicyclists, an actual certification as a League Cycling Instructor, or some combination of all of these. Join the discussion on October 13th.

Michele and Julie are also heading up a ride exploration and planning committee, so email Julie if you’re interested in participating. Finally, the Culver City Safe Routes to School Ride is planning a family ride on Sunday, November 15.

5. Next meeting’s agenda. Our next meeting will be Tuesday, October 13th at 6:30pm, location to be confirmed. We’ll be discussing bike valet storage options, criteria for ride marshals, website redesign, and voting for a co-chair/vice president.

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CCBC Selection Committee Meeting

Last week’s Planning Meeting was quite successful. Join us this week for the follow up:

  • Selection of officers
  • Group Ride updates
  • Bike Valet Updates
  • Review of various City Projects

Come meet some new friends, become inspired, vote for officers or offer to take a more active role. In any case, it should be lots of fun

Tuesday, September 29
6:30 p.m.
Culver Hotel

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Update on Planning Meeting, 9/22

Rudy Galindo from Culver City Public Works will be joining us Tuesday, 9/22 to provide real-time updates on the many bike-related projects. Hear the latest scoop – including the ATP grant application (now approved) for adding a 2-way cycle track on Eleneda, ask questions, get involved!

Please RSVP here:

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CCBC Planning Meeting: 9/22

Our next CCBC planning meeting will be Tuesday, September 22 at Panera Bread, 6:30- 8:00 Bring a smile and a friend. There are some good things coming to Culver City and we should be right in the middle of it all. It’s time we took the CCBC to the next level!

CCBC Planning meeting

Time to get serious. Our next meeting is critical in our next steps forward:

  1. Strategize Culver City activity: Formation of a Bicycle Advisory Committee – BAC – (for real); Updating the Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan  – BPMP – (for real); Planning advocacy for Washington Blvd. (Downtown to the Metro Station) and the TOD at the Expo Station
  2. Selecting officers – This is critical. We need to be more organized in order to have a unified voice. The BAC, BPMP and Washington Blvd are going to happen and soon. If you are serious about wanting real change, then the CCBC needs your help. Please consider taking on a more active role so together, Culver City can be the bike friendly city we know it can be
  3. CicLAvia wrapupand thank you to Patrick and Michele
  4. Plan our next social activity(ride, party…?)

Time: 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

Where: Panera Bread, 10990 Jefferson, CC 90230

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